Maya is an investor at Greylock Partners, supporting crypto and consumer companies. She is also an active advisor to re—inc (startup founded by four World Cup champions) and angel investor in companies like Coinshift, Une Femme, Alt, Syndicate, and others. 

Prior to joining Greylock, Maya led the execution and design of scalable products and initiatives across different spaces.

As a Product Manager at Google, she led the launch for MLB live sports (first time monetized) on YouTube during the nation-wide lockdown, led a product pivot to content across eSports, Tentpole Events, Movies & Shows, and led the pilot launch of a new Direct Response ad format for top Media & Entertainment clients. She also supported the Google Food team as lead for international (led launches for UK and Japan), monetization (led the team’s first advertising pilot with top food aggregators), and new consumer experiences on Google Search + Maps.

Before Google, Maya led product and go-to-market strategy at re—inc as a Kleiner Perkins product fellow, helped grow subscribers at Rent the Runway, and designed tools for SMBs at Facebook & IG.

Maya was born and raised in Miami Beach to a Brazilian mother and Israeli father that taught her everything she knows about grit and passion. She’s always kept busy building side projects ranging from a swimwear brand she started in high school to a female empowerment platform debuted during the #MeToo movement. She’s passionate about investing in and building with founders interested in empowering people and democratizing access to products, services, and information.

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Language: English
ISBN-10: 0882681281
ISBN-13: 978-0882681283
  I died. Deader and deader.
"Little joke corpse!" Yeah, I
shrank beyond belief; I'd even fit quite neatly
inside the bowl of my ridiculously
miniscule briarwood pipe.
  Ishmael they call me, Father
Ishmael. I'm such a pipsqueak, though,
they have got to be kidding.
  Being dead means
    very light housekeeping.
  It's dark,
    and cold.
  Cold as the dawn of a new
Ice Age. A sage frostbitten
under gelid palmtrees. The pallor
of one's foibles.
  Dark: A rat standing
at attention on the tip of his
hairless tail squealing bloody
murder without the slightest movement of his snout.
  Cold: Across an almond-green plain
a procession of pale blue elephants
walking backwards.
  Dark: A diminutive stringbean of a rat hovers
on dragonfly wings.
  Cold: A wee purple face glares out of a winejar's
bulging glassy midriff.
  Dark: Two perfectly identical human mouths
kiss each other to death.
  Cold: A truncated male torso
gives with a significant wink.
  Dark: Above clouds or
black sands. Idols of old religions
set up. Facing them,
horror in tar: the grin of certain dead people.
Cold ...—Polar ...— I'm entombed